Welcome to the World of Architectural Education.

The Deccan School of Planning and Architecture (DSPA) is one of the new Era Colleges with a progressiveand innovative outlook with traditional roots. The College visualizes a modern center of excellence for research and development in the field of Architecture. Therefore academic quality and spirit of excellence are its cherished objectives. DSPA is commited to the development of indigeneous Technology and to emerge as a beacon of light for the country's progressive need of Architectural education

The Deccan School of Planning and Architecture is promoted and managed by Dar-us-Salam Educational Trust. The Trust is a policy making body established in the year 1974. the trust has scripted success stories for more than three decades of trust, excellence and innovation, and developed several other educational institutions and hospitals to promote education, training and employment for youth of weaker sections of minority. The trust is young, energetic and eager to engage more creative minds in the quest of knowledge for the improvement of minority both materially and humanistically. It has created benchmarks in the field of Medicine, Engineering & Technology, Business and Hospital Management and Pharmacy disciplines to enhance quality in the present economic scenario. The difference it makes is that the courses are trained in such a way to give the students a head start in pursuing employment and career enhancement.

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